Cumulative Update 19 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April'19 on-premises (Application Build 14.20.45823, Platform Build 14.0.45810) TearDown

This update does not require database conversion from previous version, and there is no known security vulnerabilities fixed in this Platform version.

This December 2020 update review comes a bit late, but here it is nevertheless. The reason for late review is that this update is HUGE, the ChangeLog weighs 645 kb, and that really somewhat discouraged me. Luckily most of the changes are in Report 321 Vendor - Balance to Date, which is not very interesting, but takes a lot of space in ChangeLog. So, actually there isn't very much changes, but they do include something very interesting!

Picture 1, changed objects. There is no new objects in this CU.

Company Information table now has new field for EORI number. This is very important field in EU area, since it harmonizes the customs identification number for companies working inside the EU. Earlier almost every EU country have had varying VAT numbers whose format can be anything between 9 to 14 characters long, including country code and numbers or letters. And since I am writing this a bit late, we now also know that EORI numbering is extended further in CU20. More about that later!

More information about EU VAT codes can be found from https://ec.eur

Now, EORI numbering system is introduced to replace this messy different VAT codes starting from Jan 1st 2021. EORI in Finland is very simple, it includes Finnish country code FI and national Business Identity Code, which is 8 numbers long. In GB, for example, the EORI code is GB + 000 + GB VAT code. Respectively, in France the code is country code FR added with their SIRET number (equivalent to VAT code).

Table 79 Company Information

This table has a new field:

{ 92 ; ;EORI Number ;Text40 ;CaptionML=[ENU=EORI Number;

This field is not yet used anywhere, but in future CU's there will be loads of functionality regarding this field. These will include VAT and Intrastat reporting enhancements. Stay tuned!

Table 263 Intrastat Jnl. Line

This table has gained a bunch of new functions and one new field

{ 30 ; ;Partner VAT ID ;Text50 ;CaptionML=[ENU=Partner VAT ID;

Following functions have also been added to this table to validate certain fields:
GetCountryOfOriginCode@8() : Code[10]
GetPartnerIDFromItemEntry@12() : Text[50]
GetPartnerIDFromJobEntry@13() : Text[50]
etPartnerIDForCountry@14(CountryRegionCode@1000 : Code[10];VATRegistrationNo@1001 : Code[20]) : Text


New tables introduced in CU18 have now gained translations. It seems that MS has taken a habit of publishing a new functionality, and in the next CU they publish localizations for the new functionality. That is nice and consistent.

Stay tuned, more TearDowns coming!

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