Cumulative Update 18 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April'19 on-premises (Application Build 14.19.45386, Platform Build 14.0.45365)

This update does not require database conversion from previous version, and there is no known security vulnerabilities fixed in this Platform version.

Now this November update was a bit more interesting than couple of the earlier updates. This actually included new functionality as well as some improvements to old functionalities, language localizations and new event functions.

VAT Registration log is able now not only validate VAT Registration numbers, but also get and verify Customer, Vendor and Contact address information from external source.

CU18 New objects

CU18 Changed objects

New tables

New tables (and pages for these tables) were introduced with this update;
New table 226 "VAT Reg. No. Srv. Template" for setting which fields to validate with VAT validation framework.
New table 227 "VAT Rgistration Log Details" to hold information exchange between BC and external validation service.

New pages for VAT Registration No. Validation

New fields

Table 248 "VAT Reg. No. Srv Config" new field 10; Default Template [Code20] related to table "VAT Reg. No. Srv. Template"
Table 249 "VAT Registration Log" new fields
* 18; Detailed Status [Option;Not Verified/Valid/Not Valid/Partially Valid]
* 19; Template [Code20] related to "VAT Reg. No. Srv. Template"
Table also has interesting functions to enable automatic validation of Customer, Vendor and Contact name and address information from external service in addition to old functionality that checked the VAT numbers. There are additional Codeunit changes that are related to this functionality, for example new functions in Codeunits 248 "VAT Lookup Ext. Data Hndl" and 249 "VAT Registration Log Mgt."

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