Business Central Spring 2019 Update (BC14) CU14 TearDown

Cumulative Update 14 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April'19 on-premises (Application Build 14.15.43800, Platform Build 14.15.43793) TearDown

This update does not require database conversion from previous version, and there is no known security vulnerabilities fixed in this Platform version.

The ChangeLog for Finnish localization weighs 1,9mb, and there is 160 changed tables and 141 changed reports (!), so this package seems to be very interesting on the first look.

Spoiler alert! Most of the changes are related to some corrections in translations in Finnish version, so this package is not as big as it firstly seems to be. For example translation for “Posting date” which used to be translated as “Kirjauspvm.” is now translated without dot as “Kirjauspvm”. This is now in align with other date translations that have been without the ending dot. Removing the extra dot has caused like 95% of the changes in Finnish localization package.

I am happy MS has changed this, since the special characters in field names always make it a bit difficult to create integrations, because Web Services show them as underscores. This makes it impossible to have for example “Profit%” and “Profit.” on the same page, since both of these fields would be shown as “Profit_” on published WS page.

Also instead of translating Assets as “Käyttöomaisuus”, it is now translated as “Vastaavaa” which is a correct accounting term in Finnish. Käyttöomaisuus would translate only to “Fixed assets” when Assets is a bit broader term.

There is total 356 changed objcets from the previous CU, and no new objects in this release.

VAT Rate Change Tool

Vat Rate Change Tool has learned some new tricks. Now it can also change VAT prod. posting groups on lines that have checkmark “Prices Including VAT” and are of type G/L Account, Charge (Item) or Fixed Asset.

Table 550 VAT Rate Change Setup has three new fields:

  • 110 ; ;Update Unit Price For G/L Acc.;Boolean;
  • 111 ; ;Upd. Unit Price For Item Chrg.;Boolean;
  • 112 ; ;Upd. Unit Price For FA;Boolean

Generic Data exchange functionality

Table 1225 Data Exch. Field Mapping has one new field, which is also inserted to secondary key. This is used when the order of processing the exchanged fields is considered.

  • 30 ;   ;Priority            ;Integer

Other stuff

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Have a nice summer and be safe!

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