Business Central Spring 2019 Update (BC14) CU13 TearDown

Cumulative Update 13 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April'19 on-premises (Application Build 14.14.43294, Platform Build 14.14.43286) TearDown

Just a quickie this time, this update is really small and concentrates on fixing some quirks in the system.

This update does not require database conversion from previous version, and there is no known security vulnerabilities fixed in this Platform version.

The ChangeLog for Finnish localization weighs only 132 k, and there is 14 changed reports, so that would also indicate that this CU is rather small one.

There is total 43 changed objcets from the previous CU, and no new objects in this release.

New fields

Table 8613 Config. Package Table has a new field 32 Cross-Column Filter ;Boolean, which is later used in Codeunit 1180 Data Privacy Mgmt. Interesting!

And that was the only one new field, so this is a light weight update indeed.

Have a nice summer!

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