Business Central Spring 2019 Update (BC14) CU11 TearDown


BC 14 Application version 14.12.41935 is a small update. The size of the changelog is 378KB which suggests there is not much changes included. There was no new objects, and only a couple of new fields. Most of the changes included are visibility changes on different pages and fields, and reports have only minor modifications that keep the changelog quite small.

Security fixes

The introduction for this CU points out that this CU fixes following two security issues:

The first one fixes visibility of a masked field (for example password) in certain situations, and the second one is addressed against a vulnerability that could lead an authenticated attacker to run arbitrary code on victim's server.
This update also includes security fix introduced in CU10 with identical description as the CVE-2020-1022.

Database conversion

The installation of the platform update does not require database conversion. If you are upgrading an existing installation, please follow the instructions from MSDN

New objects

This time there was no new objects, and mainly the changes are concentrated on different pages.

New fields and other interesting functionality

Table 18 Customer and T79 Company Information have been added a new boolean field "Use GLN in Electronic Document". This is obviously used in the electronic document exchange framework, and is used to replace VAT Code in electronic document exhange.

Codeunit 2, function InitElectronicFormats support for Peppol versions 2.0 and 2.1 has been removed. The only remaining electronic formats left are SEPA and Peppol BIS3 formats. Peppol BIS3 support has been extended to contain also Sales Validation and Service Validation.

Posting of documents (for example Cu80 Sales-Post and Cu 5980 Service-Post) have been added functionality to check default electronic document fields with Report Distribution Management codeunit 452. This codeunit is worth reading through if you are into electronic document exchange. I am :)

Microsoft has continued "Clean the Clutter" initiative in different pages, and there has been added some variables like "DateAndTimeFieldVisible", "DimVisible1", "DimVisible2" and so on, this time especially on Manufacturing pages.

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