Business Central Spring 2019 Update (BC14) CU10 TearDown

Business Central 14 CU10 (Application version 14.11.41204) TearDown

This CU seems to be quite small update. There is no new objects this time, and there is only 70 of "NAVW114.11" marked objects.
Statistics below:

There is very little changes, some new functions have been introduced in order to have better structured tests, for example Sales and Purchase line have now function FindOrCreateRecordByNo, which does some preliminary checks before using FindRecordManagement. Also a lot of changes relate to removed IsBlankNumber boolean check on a lot of document lines. IsBlankNumber used to be set if "No." field is empty or IsCommentLine boolean was set. Now MS trusts only on IsCommentLine Boolean instead.

E-mail validation has been changed to use a facade function to prevent error in some circumstances.

Table changes

Table 740 VAT Report Header has two new fields: Additional Information;Code50 and Created Date-Time;DateTime. These are used when printing the report for additional information.

Power BI tables (6301, 6302 and 6307) have a new field: EmbedUrl;Text250, which is used to cache when selecting reporting.

Report changes

Report 1307 Standard sales - Credit memo now can also print Work Description field. This is nice.

Codeunit changes

Developers should notice that if you use Codeunit 10 Type Helper, there has been a change in Option field handling. If Option string is erraneously inserted without trailing space as ",Option1,Option2" instead of correct format " ,Option1,Option2", TypeHelper codeunit no longer returns 0 when checked with GetOptionNo function. Only correct format with trailing space is now considered as 0 value.

Codeunit 980 Payment Registration Mgt. now correctly handles Credit Memos as Refund type instead of Payment. This removes the need for our standard change for document type. Developers should notice this and change their reports according to this if you have created a report that uses this field.

Page changes

Interestingly Microsoft has changed Customer and Vendor list page filters so that SETFILTER is changed to use SETRANGE. Perhaps there is some performance advantages to this change. maybe worth looking more carefully later:
SETFILTER("Date Filter",'..%1',WORKDATE); -> SETRANGE("Date Filter",0D,WORKDATE);


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