Business Central CU07 TearDown

Business Central CU07 is a minor update. it mainly consists of improvements on performance. For example MS has implemented a lot of xxx.ISEMPTY THEN xxx.DELETEALL -sentences. Which is good, then there will be no errors, and no unnessessary database fetches if the target table is empty.

There is also few Integration functions added, but the flood seems to be easing out.

Table 743 VAT Report Setup used to have a field "Period Reminder Time" [Integer]. This field has now been redesigned so that new field "Period Reminder Calculation" [DateFormula] is used instead of it.

Table 5107 "Sales Header Archive" has been added with fields "Sell-to Phone No." and "Sell-to E-Mail". Sales Header Arhchive has now added to GDPR process.

Codeunit 10 "Type Helper" has two new functions to handle XML data with: GetXMLAmountFormatWithTwoDecimalPlaces and GetXMLDateFormat. I guess everyone who has ever worked with XML has created these functions themselves

This update holds only one new object; Table 54 "Batch Processing Session Map", which replaces the old table 53 "Batch Processing Parameter Map". The changes have created accordingly to other parts of the program. The new table has different primary key (Integer insteda of two first fields), and it also includes information about who did with what session.

That's all folks, have a nice summer! And let's meet at NAVTechDays!

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