Business Central 13 CU11 TearDown

CU11 is an interesting package

Earlier CU's from MS have been mostly small bugfixes. Even though a big chunk of this CU consists of report layout changes, this CU brings again new functionality and interesting patterns to use. Especially ErrorMessageManagement has been taker into wider use, and Report Selections have been extended to cover Customer Statement too.

New Objects

There is 11 new objects in this CU.

Table 254 VAT Entry

This table has four new fields that help calculating realized VAT amounts both in LCY and in Additional Currency

    { 81  ;   ;Realized Amount     ;Decimal       ;CaptionML=[ENU=Realized Amount;
                                                              FIN=Realisoitunut summa];
                                                   Editable=No }
    { 82  ;   ;Realized Base       ;Decimal       ;CaptionML=[ENU=Realized Base;
                                                              FIN=Realisoitunut peruste];
                                                   Editable=No }
    { 83  ;   ;Add.-Curr. Realized Amount;Decimal ;CaptionML=[ENU=Add.-Curr. Realized Amount;
                                                              FIN=Lis„valuutan realisoitunut summa];
                                                   Editable=No }
    { 84  ;   ;Add.-Curr. Realized Base;Decimal   ;CaptionML=[ENU=Add.-Curr. Realized Base;
                                                              FIN=Lis„valuutan realisoitunut peruste];
                                                   Editable=No }

These fields are used by the functions in the same table.

Table 477 Report Inbox

There is now one more output possibility for a report. Old values were "DF,Word,Excel" and new ones "PDF,Word,Excel,Zip". This selection is used for example in Codeunit 8800 Custom Layout Reporting new functions. The codeunit is quite heavily changed as well. The refactoring has also reached to Cu 8810 which works now as a wrapper codeunit for Cu 8800.

This means we can now also select output of an report to be automatically zipped. Nice.

Table 700 Error Message

New fields introduced here, as well as new functions to consume them. If you use Error messaging, it pays out to get comfortable with these fields as well. Now you can find an integration event before log message too.

    { 13  ;   ;Context Field Number;Integer       ;OnValidate=BEGIN
                                                                IF "Context Table Number" = 0 THEN
                                                                  "Context Field Number" := 0;

                                                   CaptionML=[ENU=Context Field Number;
                                                              FIN=Kontekstikent„n numero] }
    { 14  ;   ;Context Table Number;Integer       ;DataClassification=SystemMetadata;
                                                   CaptionML=[ENU=Context Table Number;
                                                              FIN=Kontekstitaulukon numero] }
    { 15  ;   ;Context Field Name  ;Text80        ;FieldClass=FlowField;
                                                   CalcFormula=Lookup(Field."Field Caption" WHERE (TableNo=FIELD(Context Table Number),
                                                                                                   No.=FIELD(Context Field Number)));
                                                   CaptionML=[ENU=Context Field Name;
                                                              FIN=Kontekstikent„n nimi];
                                                   Editable=No }

Codeunit 1297 Http Web Request Mgt.

Interestingly enough, here we can see a very rare occasion: MS has removed an integration event called "OnBeforeInvokeTestJSONRequest"

Posted document pages like 130 Posted Sales Shipment, 146 Posted Purchase Invoice and 132 Posted Sales Invoice

Posted documents have found some new tricks. There is now a bunch of helper pages that can be used to modify some non-lethal data on these pages. Page 130 for example has a new PageAction "Update Document" to insert additional information to posted shipment. This has been so far a very big no-no, and I have been very careful to allow users to change these documents.

There is only a few fields that are opened for change, for example additional information from Shipping Agent, and Posted Sales Invoice field for payment reference.

In case you want to look this further, also check new support codeunits 1405 Purch. Inv. Header - Edit -> 1407 Return Receipt Header - Edit, and pages 1350 Posted Sales Shipment - Update -> 1353 Posted Return Receipt - Update.

Error managemet

Error message handling is moved to new special codeunits 28 Error Message Management and 29 Error Message Handler. They use another new object, table 1431 Named Forward Link to view and link error messages to users. This is very nice pattern, and I really need to give it a better look and start using it in my own code as well.

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