Business Central 13 CU10 TearDown

CU 10 for BC13 is a small update

Here is another small update from MS with only half a meg of weight, and most of that is report layout changes. Nevertheless, this is a nice update that everyone should install on top of their system. And how easy has MS done that when they introduced extensions. It is very easy to confirm customers to keep their systems up to date when you have all your changes done with extensions, and CU can just be thrown on top of the working system, give some module testing and you are good to go.

I certainly do not miss the old days where WinMerge was pushing out thick black smoke every month!

Table 710 Activity Log

In this CU MS has added some housekeeping functionality to Activity Log. User has possibility to delete old records to keep the database nice and tidy. The functions to delete records is something I would like to see expanded to other tables as well. Perhaps some RecordRef thing and standardized fields to Job Queue Log and such? And I'd like to see "IF GUIALLOWED" used here as well so it could be automatised better.

    PROCEDURE DeleteEntries@7(DaysOld@1000 : Integer);
      Window@1001 : Dialog;
      IF NOT CONFIRM(ConfirmDeletingEntriesQst) THEN
      IF DaysOld > 0 THEN
        SETFILTER("Activity Date",'<=%1',CREATEDATETIME(TODAY - DaysOld,TIME));
      SETRANGE("Activity Date");

Table 1140 OAuth 2.0 Setup

This table has new fields that help restrict the daily limits regarding to data transfers. There is three new fields that are used in Codeunit 1140 OAuth 2.0 Mgt.

    { 17  ;   ;Daily Limit         ;Integer       ;CaptionML=[ENU=Daily Limit;
                                                              FIN=Daily Limit];
                                                   Editable=No }
    { 18  ;   ;Daily Count         ;Integer       ;CaptionML=[ENU=Daily Count;
                                                              FIN=Daily Count];
                                                   Editable=No }
    { 19  ;   ;Latest Datetime     ;DateTime      ;CaptionML=[ENU=Latest Datetime;
                                                              FIN=Latest Datetime];
                                                   Editable=No }

Codeunit 1140 has also now a lot of [NonDebuggableAttribute] set as procedures. This helps keeping the Web service calls together, but on the downside debugging is now a bit more difficult.

Table 90003 User Group Permission Set

This CU includes also one text field that has been extended from 30 to 250 chars; Field 7 Extension Name

Sales Quote and Sales Blanket Order subforms

The dimension handling of these pages has been changed so it no longer calls SalesLine.ValidateShortCutDimCode function, but rather uses new function "ValidateShortcutDimension" built in the page.

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