Business Central 13 CU08 TearDown

Business Central 13 On premises CU08 is a small update

Business Central 13 latest CU continues the series of in-between -updates on the product. It is clearly visible that MS is concentrating their muscles with the BC14 CU01 while making this one.
Table 37 Sales Line contains a nice pattern that I would like to see utilized more. The new Local helper function is "ShowMessageOnce", and it is quite self explanatory.
Codeunit 3006 DotNet_DateTimeOffset has gained a new helper function for date handling "ConvertToUtcDateTime". This function takes a DateTime in, and outputs a UTC DateTime. This function is then used from a lot of other objects. The helper function has been copied here from Codeunit 358 DateFilter-Calc. Perhaps MS is concentrating the .NET functions into a more reduced set of objects to help later updates, who can tell?
Table 740 VAT Report Header has a new field; Amounts in Add. Rep. Currency:Boolean. This is used in report 742 VAT Report Request Page, and if you have done any modifications to VAT reporting, this is nice addition for filtering.
Codeunit 10 Type Helper has a new eh, helper function; "GetHMSFromTime", which takes parameters (VAR Hour:Integer, VAR Minute:Integer, VAR Second:Integer, TimeSource:Time) and returns the difference between TimeSource and 000000T time. I cannot see directly where I could use this calculation, but it is good to know that there is such a function if I need it!
Thats it, folks. Don't forget to join me in NAVTechDays 2019 in Antwerp!
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