Business Central 13 CU 09 TearDown

Hello dear reader! I have been very busy with some new exciting customer installations with extensions, so unfortunately I have been unable to write anything for a while.

Today I noticed that MS has published CU11 and I have not written anything about CU09 yet, so it is time to give these CU's some attention they require!

CU09 seems to be quite small update, the changelog is only 239KB heavy, and consists mainly of standard small fine-tuning to performance, bug-squishing and new hooks and eventsubscribers to tables and codeunits. The number of event subscriber functions has now decreased so it really seems that most of the business cases where they are needed are covered. Nice work!

Codeunit 10 Type Helper has a new function, Maximum and Minimum. They can be fed two decimal values and they exit the bigger one or the smaller one.

Menusuite has been redesigned somewhat. These are quite difficult to track, but if you know the UI well enough, you will notice. I think

Sales Document pages (like Sales Order page 42) have been added nice functionality that hides County handling if it is not used with current setup. This is part of MS "remove clutter" initiative, and I have been using similar pattern where required.

This CU MS has changed some translations to match better real-world terms. For example Page 172 Standard Sales Codes caption has been changed from "Standard Sales Lines" to "Recurring Sales Lines" which represents better the normal user case of the functionality. On the other hand this is good, for it is more clear for the user, but on the other hand consults have to learn new terms, and the table names no longer reflect UI. Developer in me cringes a bit.

That's about it!

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