8192 (0x2000) is an invalid culture identifier


Recently two of our customers have faced a problem with NAV ClickOnce client on Windows 10 workstations. The problem manifests itself by crashing the NAV Clickonce client with ye old good error message "The session could not be retrieved from the server. The application will close.".

Additional error message can be following:


InvalidCultureId: 8192


Culture is not supported.

Parameter name: culture

8192 (0x2000) is an invalid culture identifier.


The culture identifier in this case resolved to en-FI, which is quite strange selection for the language. The other case we had the culture identifier resolved to da-DK.

The first case was solved by customer reinstalling a fresh windows 10 with ENU as localisation. The second case was solved by changing the language setting to en-EN, which is supported culture identifier and the problem went away.

Hope this helps others who face similar issues!

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