NAV2009 in the Sales Cycle

I'm not used to putting my thoughts down in this manner, so it may well be fragmented while I become more proficent at it.

I thought that if I did not blog again i might lose the momentum, so what better way than to blog about NAV2009 and the sales cycle.

Obviously NAV2009 RTC is a huge change compared to the Classic client, and what I have found so far is that it is standing up to the test. Whilst not nessacarily as seamlessly integrated to the rest of Microsoft Stack as some of the other MS product, it is getting better and thats not really anyones fault, some of us remember that the product came from the A/S background.

However the exporting of forms to Word and excel is a great little tiggler for the customers. They love that you can filter a G/L Entry list and export it fo excel.

Just recently we were working on a sales cycle for a distribustion company. They had a lot of values on their Item records that could be modified by any number of users. What perfect way than to export the records to Excel, edit in the sheet and then save them back to the database. Would that not be great? Wait...... Freddy did this already (See Freddy's Blog here). We worked and got this up and running. I added some fields to the item record, modified the page, deployed the .Net Solution and Bob's your uncle. Well it was a little harder than that, but we did it.

The sales team got to the site and started the usual. Aran got to the point where he was going to show the "Edit in Excel", the room goes silent. "Can you do that again please". So Aran opligies "WOW", they say "Just wait I need to go get some people" so off the owner goes and comes back in with a load of other employee's.... Eventually 2 hours later all Aran had demo'd was the "Edit in Excel" - This has pretty much wrapped our deal up. Its not concrete yet, but I think we're well in the lead to get the deal and the prospect are just amazed at what you can do.

I suppose what i am saying here, is that its not just what NAV2009 gives you out of the box that is going to help sell NAV, its what you can do with it. How there are new features a facets that you can use to real get to a business needs and fix their pain points.

Another example of the using the new RTC is the "My Notifications". During one sales cycle we were ahead, and out of no where SAP B1 comes from behind and leads the race. So the team head down to the prospect and ask whats changed. There are a few things, one was that the manufactuing in our first demo was a little too deep. The other was that B1 will notify you a user modifies a record. We engaged our TS to come in a help out on the manufacturing side (And he did an awesome job).

Not to be out done by the B1 notifications I piggy-backed the Change Log setup, added code to OnGlobalModify/Delete/Insert/Rename and ChangeLogMgt and made notifications appear when another user modifys a record type of your chosing in the system. It was not perfect, and I think in a production enviroment would be a gigantic pain in the backside. But again its showing that you can take the base Nav and make it compete with pretty much any product out there.

There was no way in hell I was going to let B1 win a deal based on notifications. We showed 2 things in the sales cycle

1. We can do notifications

2. We can tailor Nav to do anything your business needs, quickily, proffessionally and to a high standard.




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