First post...

So I was just chatting with Erik, and he was asking what I think is probably the hot question on most people in the Dynamics NAV communities lips right now: "What do you think of NAV 2009?"

We have 3 implementations starting up right now, and Erik asked if I would start a blog and share my experiences with the community, so I agreed.

I did however decline his suggestion of titling my blog “Mystic Mr. T NAV Adventures”;  I felt my tan was a little lacking to fit the mental image.

I take my customer confidentially extremely seriously, so if I talk in generics sometimes please forgive me, but I don't want to break the trust bond I build with my customers in the "Trusted Advisor" role that I pride myself on providing my customers.

So, that’s the purpose of this blog. 

Hopefully I can get some details up soon.



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  • Hi T,

    Yes I asked if you would like to blog about your experience with NAV 2009 so far. What are the customers saying, what are the challenges etc.? For someone like me who is not yet started with NAV 2009 (in the real world), then this is going to be very interesting reading.


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