Field and Row size changes coming to the Spring 2019 Release

Another change coming to the April 2019 release of Business Central is changes to the field sizes allowed in the code and database.

Fields and variables of type Text and code can now be up to 2048 characters. The same for Text constants.

The earlier restrictions were 250 characters for table fields of type code and text and 1024 for variables of type Code and Text.

Yes I know you could have a Text variable with no length specified that would be unlimited, but this is only a variable and managed differently.

You can find all public information about this here:

This comes with another change to the tables where the 8KB row size is getting relaxed. Microsoft has not said a lot about this change and the only public available documentation on this can be found here:

With great power comes a great responsibility:

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

We have seen it all too often that restrictions are relaxed and people jump on the wave starting to do all kind of strange things. Use your new found power with great wisdom my friends.

Happy Coding everyone.

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