Power BI Desktop February 2020 is out and Incremental refresh is now generally available!

Microsoft has announced the release of Power BI Desktop: February 2020 and you can read all about it here:

I am very happy about incremental refresh, which is now generally available and is now supported for Power BI Pro licensing, meaning it is no longer a Premium only feature!

Read all about that here:

This is extremely important for all SMB companies who for example are using Dynamics 365 Business Central as a data source for Power BI, because with a Power BI Pro license you can now also enjoy the incremental refresh capabilities, so you can increase the speed of refreshes and limit the amount of data that needs to be refreshed and so also make your Power BI report refreshes a lot faster, limiting the performance impact on Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Then the bug I mentioned in the comments of this blog post:

How Do I: Create a multi-company Power BI report with the Business Central connector?

should now also be fixed for Business Central. I have not tested it completely yet but my first indications are that it works now…

Last but not least I’m also happy with the preview of the Hierarchical slicer:

This is something you almost can not live without when working with hierarchies in Power BI.

Here’s the complete list of new features in Power BI Desktop February:

Dataset management




Template Apps

Data preparation

Data connectivity


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