How Do I: Access and Use The Business Central Administration Center?

As explained here on docs: 

The Business Central administration center provides a portal for administrators to perform administrative tasks for a Business Central tenant. And as a partner, you can access the center from the Partner Dashboard in the Microsoft Partner Center.

Now, I have a Business Central tenant here:, which I created as a trial, here:

That means I don’t have a partner, and I’m not a partner myself. So basically I don’t have access to the Partner Dashboard in the Microsoft Partner Center, so I can’t manage my tenant?


Did you know that you can use the Business Central Administration Center by simply adding the word: /ADMIN at the end of your tenant URL?

So for example, my tenant URL is:

Let’s put /ADMIN behind it:

  • and see what happens:

So this means I now can:

  • See my current and next version no
  • Create a new sandbox environment with production data
  • Set the upgrade window
  • Schedule an upgrade date
  • Setup Tenant Notifications
  • Access Environment Telemetry

More documentation is available here:




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