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Hi folks!

I'm happy to tell you that now - finally - the new edition of the PFG has been published! So you shortly will be able to purchase it, for example, here:

... and other retailers. Today (12.03.2014) the product info on these web-pages is not fully correct, so please be careful about what you order!

Some clarifications:

The Field Guide is always published with the same ISBN: 978-3837014426

The old/previous release was: 4. Edition (2009), 180 pages, Price: 17,90 EUR (print)
The new/actual release is: 5. Edition (2014), 216 pages, Price: 22,90 (print)
(price of the e-book is about 80%)

The version of the book is clearly stated on the front-cover. Some retailers might still have old stock, so if you ordered the NEW one and received the OLD one, please just send it back to the bookstore.
It will take a little time to get the distribution started; Germany will be the first country, international rollout little later, starting with Europe, then US. Please be patient.

Learning from past experiences, here some FAQ:

Q: I got the wrong version of the book. Can you fix this?
A: No. The distribution of the PFG is exclusively handled by the publishing company; I have zero option to interfere in any way. If you got the wrong version, please contact your bookstore.

Q: Can I order the book directly from you?
A: Nope.

Q: How long does the shipment take?
A: Depends. I'm publishing via "Books on Demand" - thus, the book is printed on demand. BoD is queuing the orders and prints in an interval of 10 days latest; if many orders were placed, the interval is shorter. Then add time for the shipping. Depending on where you are, it might take up to 2 weeks. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Q: Why then "on demand"?
A: It's more flexible and way cheaper.

Q: So you are making big money with the Field Guide?
A: Not really. The general idea of the PFG is to provide knowledge at a reasonable price, affordable for anyone. The authors margin is about 5 EUR per book - before tax, thus the net margin is about 2,50 EUR. Deducting several fees and the costs for my small private stock (I use for giveaways/gifts etc.), the "profit" of the PFG is maybe just enough to take my family out for dinner once in a while. If I'd also count the hours spent for the writing, I'd say this is a non-profit project.

Q: I have some questions and comments regarding the content - where can I ask?
A: Well, if you are reading this article you have already found the right place to discuss this! Please feel free to leave any question or comment - any feedback is highly appreciated!