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The NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide - 5. Edition (2014)

Hi folks!

I'm happy to tell you that now - finally - the new edition of the PFG has been published! So you shortly will be able to purchase it, for example, here:

... and other retailers. Today (12.03.2014) the product info on these web-pages is not fully correct, so please be careful about what you order!

Some clarifications:

The Field Guide is always published with the same ISBN: 978-3837014426

The old/previous release was: 4. Edition (2009), 180 pages, Price: 17,90 EUR (print)
The new/actual release is: 5. Edition (2014), 216 pages, Price: 22,90 (print)
(price of the e-book is about 80%)

The version of the book is clearly stated on the front-cover. Some retailers might still have old stock, so if you ordered the NEW one and received the OLD one, please just send it back to the bookstore.
It will take a little time to get the distribution started; Germany will be the first country, international rollout little later, starting with Europe, then US. Please be patient.

Learning from past experiences, here some FAQ:

Q: I got the wrong version of the book. Can you fix this?
A: No. The distribution of the PFG is exclusively handled by the publishing company; I have zero option to interfere in any way. If you got the wrong version, please contact your bookstore.

Q: Can I order the book directly from you?
A: Nope.

Q: How long does the shipment take?
A: Depends. I'm publishing via "Books on Demand" - thus, the book is printed on demand. BoD is queuing the orders and prints in an interval of 10 days latest; if many orders were placed, the interval is shorter. Then add time for the shipping. Depending on where you are, it might take up to 2 weeks. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Q: Why then "on demand"?
A: It's more flexible and way cheaper.

Q: So you are making big money with the Field Guide?
A: Not really. The general idea of the PFG is to provide knowledge at a reasonable price, affordable for anyone. The authors margin is about 5 EUR per book - before tax, thus the net margin is about 2,50 EUR. Deducting several fees and the costs for my small private stock (I use for giveaways/gifts etc.), the "profit" of the PFG is maybe just enough to take my family out for dinner once in a while. If I'd also count the hours spent for the writing, I'd say this is a non-profit project.

Q: I have some questions and comments regarding the content - where can I ask?
A: Well, if you are reading this article you have already found the right place to discuss this! Please feel free to leave any question or comment - any feedback is highly appreciated!



  • Where can I get ebook version? Will it be available on Amazon?


  • Yes, the e-book will be available at Amazon etc.. Please have in mind that the rollout has just started, and the e-book will follow the printed edition, thus it might take a little while for everything to be available ...

  • The e-book version is rolled out from today on!

    It's already available here:

  • At the moment the 5th edition doesn't seem to be available anywhere, except as Kindle eBook on Amazon. Be careful when you order the book, because some stores mismatch data (showing an image of the 5th edition, and in the description the year of appearance is 2014 but the edition is 4th, and so on...). Of course the price is always the new one...

  • Yeah, this really sucks. The problem seems to be only with Amazon - obviously they try to sell some old stock, which actually should not even exist! The book is published by "Books on Demand", thus, actually the orders are queued and then "printed on demand" - which grants that always the most actual version is printed and shipped! Somehow Amazon managed to keep some stock about the PFG4 ...

    I have adressed this issue to BoD and they are discussing this with Amazon ...

    PS: Sorry about this annoyance

    PSPS: Well, I won't say Amazon is doing this on purpose ... but we know that Amazon treats "paper versions" very bad, as they want to push their bloody Kindle ...

  • You could also directly order from the publishing company "Books on Demand":

  • Checked some other online bookstores ... Sorry, this really sucks ...

    The descriptions are throughout wrong and confusing ...

    Except for the price - that's the only thing they have indeed updated ...