NAV/SQL Performance - My Two Cents

Jörg Stryk (MVP - Dynamics NAV) about Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting with MS Dynamics NAV and MS SQL Server

Hi folks!

It has been a very long time, since the last release of the "NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide" in 2009 ... mea culpa ...

Reason is - or actually was - some struggle about the contract with my publisher: many people were asking to get the PFG as an E-Book, but so far it wasn't possible - until now!

From today (20th March 2013) on the PFG is indeed available on paper and as an e-Book (Kindle, iBook, etc.) Big Smile

Please regard that this is still the old version from 2009. As this contract-hassle has been clarified now I'm working on an update which probably will be released this fall.