NAV/SQL Performance - My Two Cents

Jörg Stryk (MVP - Dynamics NAV) about Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting with MS Dynamics NAV and MS SQL Server

Dutch Dynamics Community - NAV Event (March 2015)

I was invited to the DDC “NAV Event” on 10th March 2015 in Veenendaal/NL to present a session about NAV/SQL Performance. The topic I picked was about "Query Strategy & Indexing"; explaining where problems might originate from, how to detect and resolve them.

First of all I'd like to thank Luc van Vugt for inviting me - it was really a great event!
For those who don’t know the “DDC Events”: they happen every 3 month and are currently limited to 200 attendees for organizational reasons. Also this event was fully booked, having about 50 people on the waiting list.
Wow, 200 attendees every 3 month, organized by a small committee and supported by few sponsors – that is an outstanding example of a great NAV community!
Check out their webpage:

Please find attached to this article the presentation slides and the scripts etc. I used during the demo. This supposedly will also be provided for download on the DDC site, soon.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who attended my session! I look forward to meeting you next time, see you latest at “NAV TechDays 2015” in Antwerp/BE (19.-20.11.2015)


Photograph by Luc van Dyck
  • Hi Jörg,

    It was a pleasure to have you over. Thanx for being here on behalf of all the attendants to your sessions and those that participated in your 2 days training.

    b rg


  • it was a great sessie. Thanks for taking the time. I had some "hm, I didn't know that " moments. Always nice to learn new stuff