NAV/SQL Performance - My Two Cents

Jörg Stryk (MVP - Dynamics NAV) about Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting with MS Dynamics NAV and MS SQL Server

Directions EMEA 2011 - High Availability Options with NAV and SQL Server

11th to 13th May 2011 in Berlin (Germany)



With increasing transaction volumes processed by NAV customers the need for HA solutions also growing. This session will explain some available HA solutions with NAV and SQL as there are e.g. “Transaction Log-Shipping” and “Mirroring”, but also in addition with using “Database Snapshot”. The advantages and disadvantages of the several solutions are discussed to inspire NAV partners to implement the appropriate scenarios at their customer’s sites.


Thank you very much for attending my little session! PLease findd attached the slides and scripts & more from that presentation.

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