NAV 2017 not documented options for “Credential Type”

In NAV 2017 there are two new options for “Credentials Type”: TaskScheduler and EchangeIdentity.

“Credential Type” -> “AS IS” Documentation
“Specifies the authentication mechanism for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users of this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.”
The options are “Windows, Username, NavUserPassword, and AccessControlService”.

But… What about others features ?  “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None” ?

In reality now there are three not documented options in the online help and also in NAV admin console help: “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None”   …the option “None” was already existing in 2016, undocumented.

NAV 2016


NAV 2017



I asked Microsoft to update the documentation on MSDN (not updated from NAV 2016), useful in explaining exactly the “scope” and the “ByDesign” concept of each option.  I’ll let you know!

MSDN – “Users and Credential Types”


Some old posts

I have already talked about the new task scheduler and new NAV Admin console options previously, below some links that can be useful.

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