Business Central Virtual Entities and CDS

Business Central Virtual Entities and CDS
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In this post we mention the Virtual Entities (in preview mode) that will soon change the approach for integrations between Business Central and Common data services, in addition to the use of Web Services and OData.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Entities in Microsoft Dataverse

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Entity is a virtual data source in Microsoft Dataverse allowing Create, Read, Update and Delete operations from Microsoft Dataverse against Dynamics 365 Business Central. Data for virtual entities do not reside in Microsoft Dataverse, but continues to reside in Business Central. Virtual entities are enabled for Business Central APIs, by making them available in Microsoft Dataverse as virtual entities. APIs exposed in Business Central are consumed on Microsoft Dataverse and exposed as virtual entities.



About Business Central Virtual Entities in CDS

The use of “virtual entities” greatly simplifies access to external data, it is current practice to use it with visual studio, business central and power platform environments to adapt to the thing; integration with CDS (Common data service is complete). The version is still in preview and not available in all regions, it will be soon.

A Virtual Entity is a custom entity in Common Data Service (CDS) that has fields containing data from an external data source; Entity represents a database table and each field within an entity represents a column in that table. Open Data Protocol (OData) entities exposed through APIs in Business Central can be used as virtual entities in CDS.


Installing and Configuring….




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