Business Central “View the last know error” page

Business Central “View the last know error” page

Sometimes it can happen that Business Central does not report an error on the screen (or reports it minimally) making it difficult for the user to understand what went wrong or why a procedure was not successful.

Without debugging in sandbox copy, etc. and without disturbing the partner, the tenant administrator, it is always possible to view the last error detected; the system stores them all and allows you to always consult the latest.

You need to recreate the error, open the guide and then select help and support, you will be able to view the last error detected quickly.

Error Scenarios

Error in drop shipment > errore displayed on screen > OK

Error in warehouse shipment > errore not always displayed on screen or not understandable or short > es stockout warning


Drop Shipments

Error message is displayed


Clicking on the question mark icon and then on “Help and support” will open the error page

Select the option “view the last known error

The resulting page will give some information that certainly helps more than the standard message, in the case of no message it is the only information available.

Another example

Stockout warnings in warehouse shipments


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