Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer

Debugging can be done in different ways, I want to report only how to do it with AL Object Designer. This great extension is always evolving, a must for every installation of VS Code and Microsoft AL.

With AL Object Designer, it is possible to manage all Business Central objects, both manually and through the Generation Wizard.

In this case, I used it to debug a standard object existing in the base APP (Warehouse Shipment Card in this case) very quickly.


Launch Al Object Designer

Search for “Warehouse Shipment” page object

Many features are available using “right click

Click on “Warehouse Shipment” object NAME

After clicking, system extracts the page source code

Set up debugging where needed (in this case in “posting action”)


Start a debugging session by pressing F5

System launch a new business central session for debugging

  • Open the Warehouse Shipment List\Card Page

  • Click on “Posting

System returns to debugging and allows you to run it, now you can debug the standard objects… quickly.



“VAT Identifier missing in Sales Order line….”

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