Business Central enhanced emails

Business Central enhanced emails

This feature provides powerful and easy to set up email capabilities. It is possible to activate different scenarios such as support for multiple accounts, distribution groups and use better attachment management.

It’s possible:

– Activate different scenarios and assign them to different email accounts

– Create manual emails

– See the log of emails sent (Log)

– Reopen sent mails

It’s like using Outlook within Business Central



You can find all the features in the Search menu

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Old SMTP email feature is always available

It’s still possible to use the old method with SMTP, if the new features are activated, Business Central will use them; however there is a deadline for activation (like a breaking change), once it has expired, only this will be used.

Enable enhanced email capabilities

You can activate the new feature from the “features management” page, you must then log out and log back in to Business Central to use it.


Setup Email

To start, open the “Setup email” page to launch the setup wizard

There are several options, choose the one you want to use

  • Microsoft 365 Mailboxes
  • Current user
  • SMTP Mail

Current User\SMTP Setup

Ex: SMTP user configuration


Email Accounts

You can see already active configurations or create new ones from the Email Accounts page


Email Scenarios

E-mail scenarios represent functional or technical areas in which enhanced e-mail features are added by Microsoft or by extensions. It is possible to select one or more scenarios to assign to the email Account (Assigning Scenarios)


Assign Scenarios

After configuring and assigning the required scenarios, they will be displayed in the Factbox.

Let’s now test the scenarios in Sales Orders

  • Sales Order, Email Confirmation

The system will create an email to be filled in, the “From e-mail” field can be set through scenarios.

If we try to send a sales order email (order confirmation email), we see that the default sender email address can be different depending on the selected scenario.

New Editor Features It seems to use Outlook inside Business Central, not Business Central inside Outlook, very interesting!

System also saves the draft of the email if not saved \ completed.



Email Outbox

Emails saved as Draft can be managed.


Compose an email

There is the possibility to manually compile and send a new mail using the new technology, as if we were using Outlook.


Sent Emails

Once the emails are sent, you can see the sending history and reopen them to read (email log system)

Opening a sent email

Nice feature!

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