Windows Live Writer

I just read Erik’s Blog about Windows Live Writer. After Googling it, I found that I actually already have it installed on my computer.

Just playing with it, it does look good. So far comparing to Word I would say the biggest issue I see is that content like photos etc are all stored on Microsoft servers, which I personally do not like. These are my photo’s and I want control over them. but its a minor issue. A second issue is that the spell checker does not like the word “Googling” or “Googled” though Bing is accepted as is “Binged” and “Binging”.

The thing that looks good, is that the documents created do look more “blog” like than in word, especially the Photo albums and videos.

Oh and I just saw that if can import all your old blogs. Waldo will love this for maintaining the Platform updates blog.


Now if it had a link to Wikis, it would be golden.


So lets test stuff out…


Navision WIKI




Code Name Unit Amount
AAA Test 12


BBB Another test 445.33


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