Which RSS aggregator do you use to read Dynamics NAV blogs?

Well I know its not an exciting Blog topic, and probably really belongs in the Forums as its not a true Blog as such, but putting it here as well, means that the people using RSS to read Blogs will most likely see this. Huh?

I think I need to change my RSS reader, and I was curious which one people are happiest with for reading Navision type blogs.


  • The sort of things that concern me are:
  • Clear indication of what was updated.
  • Ability to sort by topic or date etc.
  • Able to group many differnet feeds in a logical manner.
  • Doesnt over load with information


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  • I use Google Reader. You can put feeds into folders e.g. Navision and sort by date, e.g. oldest on top.

    Plus you can read RSS on your mobile phone if you want.

  • Googlereader.

    Because, there is yet another advantage to the ones already posted:

    It is always active. The readers that are only active when you activate them can loose topics if the feed is too small to contain all of them. Googlereader is ALWAYS active.

  • I really like the Outlook 2007 RSS feed possibilities.

  • I just use firefox live bookmarks.

    You don't notifications, so its not as comprehensive, but its much easier to take a peek at current topics no matter what you're doing.  

  • I don't like having to open as many applications as the activities i wish to work on as such id rather not install a dedicated feed reader.

    I use the Live Bookmarks on Mozilla FireFox which is my default browser.

    The points:

    - The most recent or updated posts are at the top

    -I can group my feeds under folders /tags

    -No jumps between apps since they are on the browser

  • google reader.

    One issue is Partnersource requires login and doesnt' work the greader.

  • I am using Feedreader 3.12, but I am not really satiesfied because I am NOT seeing updated topics, only new topics are aggregated. So I am going to the active topics page several times a day also.

  • I only use MS IE7.

    + You can group your favorite feed within folders

    + It shows me all new topics in all feeds/folders

    + Easy to use

    + Direct access while browsing the internet

    - You cannot sort the feeds (strict alphabetically)

  • I always used Google reader.Main advantages are:

    1.you have all your feeds only

    2.you can install exra software and have your feeds offline aswell

    3.clear notifications of new items.

    4.you can view all previous posts in chronologicl order

    5.you can share your feeds with other google readers (your friends)

    6. they have nice statistics

    7. you can categorise them into folders or groups.

    8. yu can add notes and flag (star) good posts

    9.there's an online feed discovery

    10. you can subscribe to feed by just adding the url and not the .rss or .xml

    and others i cant remember now :)

  • google reader :)