Learn Dynamics NAV (Navision) in India

Through the years I have watched Navision grow through different phases in different countries at different times. The pattern is always quite similar, and at one stage it reaches a point where growth in the country out paces the time needed to properly learn Navision implementation skills, this means Analysis, Consulting, Development etc. Generally its not a lack of good people with great business and computer skills, its not normally even a problem getting up to speed with Navision development, in the end it comes down to evangelizing "The Navision Way" to those people to make sure they work the way Navision works.

In the Dynamics Book Wiki http://wiki.dynamicsbook.com there is a great deal of information about the correct way to do things in Navision, also there is this site http://dynamicsuser.net which has for the last 12 years been the number one source for Navision information.

But really there is nothign that replaces real world experience in a real world environment. So throughout the years, a large percentage of the work I have done has been training new Navision developers and Consultants on the ways to get the best out of Navision. Well now I see that the region that is growing the most is APAC, and that drive is all coming from India. So I would like to do some high end Navision training in India. First of all though I need to know where it is most in demand, so if you are interested in Navision in India, please answer this Poll to help me get started. : http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/19625/89935.aspx 

The thing about Development in Navision is that Navision programming is very easy. There are only a few commands, and they are easy to learn. The issue comes as to where to put the code, and how to do it the simplest way that gives the best result to the customer, is designed for performance, and is future proof, in that its easy to upgrade (amongst other things). I believe that it is not about passing exams and following text books, more its about being skilled enough to pass an exam, and then knowing how to use that skill to generate a genuine ROI on every project you do for a client.

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