Get Rich Quick With Dynamics

I got hit by my first 419 scam back in 1990, via fax. In those days it was still relatively new, so I made an effort to find why someone wanted me to share 25% of their 50 million. Without Google, it was quite a task to find out what it was all about, but we worked it out eventually. In those days it was much simpler than it is now, then you just arrived at the airport with $50k, and either gave it to the thugs, or got shot on the spot. Now a days the killing is too messy, so they use the internet instead.

Of course these days it seems that Nigerian billionaires die in their hundreds everyday, and forget to write a will magically leaving $125,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ONLY). And of course I win countless millions each week in the Euro Millions lottery. But still I am curious, and if something comes along with a new twist, then (with Google's help), I make a bit of an effort to work it out. I guess its my version of Sudoko Wink

So lets get back on topic.

Over the years, I am sure most people know that I offer help to those that want it, and I don't mind if the knowledge I impart is used for commercial purposes, since in the end that's what Dynamics NAV is all about. But get rich quick schemes are just not my thing.

Over the last year of so, just about all the Dynamics related Forums have been hit by posts asking for answers to exam questions, in fact two new ones started in the last year or so, that seem to be dedicated to just this. I have been against these types of posts for some time, and I get a lot of people saying "but we should help people to learn Dynamics", and in this I agree, and when the question is something like :

"I just sat the Dynamics NAV xyz test, and there was a question about Inventory locations, could someone explain the difference between abc and def"

then I feel that the person had problems, and wants help to a/ pass the test, but also b/ know what is going on. We used to get posts like that back in the NOLUG days 10 years ago, and the discussions lead to a healthy learning environment. But the current generation is something different. I regularly get IMs and Emails where people just start generally chatting about Navision, then all of a sudden hit me with a series for very specific questions, that could only be so exact if they were copied during the test. ... Well now its getting worse, I am now getting screen shots from the tests that look like they are taken with a mobile phone.

So the next thing is to figure out "why would someone go to take a test only for the purpose of copying down the questions?" surely it makes sense with the free second shot to go home, learn what you didn't know, then go back again. After all, if you don't know the answer, and you want to be a Dynamics professional,. then you are going to need to learn it some time. So with some help from Google, its easy to work out what is going on. So for those of you that are interested in getting rich quick with Dynamics (or any other product that is certified by multi choice tests).

Sorry, again I am off topic, so here is one way to get rich quick with Dynamics.

Step 1/ First you need to start a web site, call it something like set up the site to say you have a money back guarantee for passing Dynamics tests, and add a page that lists all the Dynamics certifications, and link each to a new page. Then set up internal counters, to see how many unique IPs hit each test. On the exam page that opens, put a message that says : "This exam is currently being processed, please enter you email address to be notified when it is available, or check back at the site regularly" it really does not matter, all you are doing right now is getting stats to see which Exam people are most interested in.

Step 2/ Now you need a company with a few English speaking people that have basic internet skills. Now once you have some stats from your web site, work out which Exam to the test. Give them a cell phone with camera, or some other method of recording the test. Send them to the test, and have them return the test questions. Don't have them waste time answering questions, make sure they just get the list of questions.

Step 3/ Use MSN and Google to find all the forums that would have people involved in these products. a/ Join up in the forums, b/ get a few basic posts to make it look like you are interested in Dynamics, and c/ get as many email addresses and IM names as possible. (b/ is optional by the way).

Step 4/ Put together the questions you now have, and post them on the forums, email them, and IM everyone you can. You will be surprised at how many people want to help you in your get rich quick scheme, and will post all the answers for you.

Step 5/ Now that you have the answers, (using your "second test for free certificate) send the original person back to the test, this time answering all the questions, so that you can see how accurate the answers are. You want 80%-90% results, so if the result is low, have someone else do the process again to make sure you have the correct questions. And remember you are only guaranteeing a pass, so really you only need to meet the pass mark, though your clients will always feel better if they get higher marks.

Step 6/ Update your web site to now reflect that this test is available. People will be skeptical, so allow them to access a sample of the Exam Questions and Answers. There are two ways, a/ send them a sample by email, b/ Have them down load a small piece of spy ware that they install, and that pops up the information. b/ is the preferred method, since people would other wise use one off email addresses, and you will loose them. The spy ware method give you better control. 

Step 7/ St back and watch the money roll in.

Sadly enough, the above is not my idea, and in fact its been going on for many years, and  is very common these days.

I really don't like having to make this post, but the emails and PMs and IMs I am getting very angry, to be honest if a person was asking the questions for themselves I would not mind so much, but getting cheat notes so you can sell them is just as bad as the Nigerian 419 scams.

Please next time some one emails you 30 abcd questions and just wants the answers, consider it as a Euro millions email. and add it to your junk folder. More importantly, please think twice about answering these threads on forums.

As an MVP its very hard for me to to say "don't help help people in the community", but in this case I think its the correct solution. I do not think that the community needs this.

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  • Hi Hadjiskolo,

    sorry I didn't mean to be personal, but even Wikipedia refer to it like this.

    Thanks for not taking it personally :)

  • Hi David!

    'm a great fan of yours because of your years of experience in the area of Dynamics Nav, but i dont appreciate you being too particular about Nigerian 419 Scam cos its not only in  Nigeria you find such thing. And beside you can only be duped if you have some element of greed in your blood as well. All the same great piece you are always appreciated!

    Proudly Nigerian

    Dynamics Nav Professional.

  • And I always wondered how can people get such a high score without any experience in Navision.....
    Without even knowign what C/SIDE is I have a couple of people pass the programmign test .....Now that ticks me off....
  • It is already happening, I look at some of the post and think my god, I don't like my NSC, but I am sure glad I don't have this guys.

    One post recently was "Hi, guys my customer is going live on Monday morning, and I need to get his beginning inventory imported to Navision, how do I do it."  This was posted on Friday, for a go live monday, and he was just asking how to import inventory items.  This is the type of solution center that hired a guy whos resume was padded.
  • Actually its not an issue of IMs and emails. THe issue is the way these people are doing business.

    i.e. they are using rather underhanded methinds of gettting information that they are going to sell.

    Can you imagine the quality of the next generation of Dynamics professionals, when all they have done is bought cheat notes. Added a certification to their name, and then gone out and worked on your clients systems.

    For the larger NSCs this wont be a problem, since they will certainly have thier own inhous training programs, but for the small NSCs, and expeciallyt he Freelance market, its going to be very problematic.
  • Because of PM's like that I decided a while ago to not publish my email and my messenger details, and only give them to people that I trust. If someone still gets my information and doesn't stop sending me questions like that at some point I block the contact.
  • To reduce unwanted PM's/IM's, you could look at how many posts the person made, if 0, then just say: "Sorry, I only have the time to answer well known members only." This would reduce unwanted PM's. Maybe you could put that text in your bio, or in unused IM field, such as "MSN Instant Messenger", so they can see it under the "Private Message" link in your profile.
  • This is pretty much the sort of IMs I am getting. This guy sends me one every few days.

    [08/04] <deleted>: Good morning Sir
    [08/04] <deleted>: I am from india
    [08/04_08:05] <deleted>: Form A calls on instance of a codeunit and assigns 'RED' to a global text variable. Form B call an instance of the same codeunit and assigns the same global variable 'BLUE'. Forma A then calls another function in the same codeunit and and retrieves the value of the globabl variable. What is the value?    a) Red  b) Blue

    I ignore them, but they keep coming.
  • Exactly why I generally ignore those types of questions, and over time, the IM's and private emails have virtually stopped.
  • Would you mind if I cut and pasted this business plan and put it for sale (lol)

    As an end user, I don't get the questions you do, but I sure have been seeing them posted online,  exactly as you describe.

    Hope you feel a little better venting here, keep up the good work, and I promise not to try and sell your answers, you have been a big help over the years.