Creating a Blog on Dynamics Users Direct from Word (part 2)

In an earlier Blog of mine I discussed creating a Blog directly in Word. This is a great way to blog, because you can just create a word doc and start typing away. If you have SnagIt, you just drop screen shots into the document, create tables, basically most of what you can do in Word. And when you are finished just hit the publish button.

But looking back, that post was pretty short on detail. So what I am going to do is create this blog in Word, and go through the steps involved to publish it.

Blog Setup

For this exercise, lets assume that there is a user on with the

Log in ID FredJones

Blog ID : FredsNavBlog which is seen at the

Location :

Step One Setup:

a/ Create A New Blog Template.


b/ Enter Your Blog details:


c/ Enter the settings:


The next step asks about uploading pictures. We will cover that later. For now create the Account. If you get a message that the Account can not be registered, then either the Blog has not been created, or maybe you have the Blog name wrong. So post here : and I will help you out. You of course need to get your user Id and password correct.

Before posting for help, please note the following. Your User Name and Blog ID and Blog Name are probably not the same. For example, my user Name is "David Singleton", but my blog Id is singleton, so the blog post URL for my blog is if you have any problems, post in the thread and I will get your correct details, (except password which I can not access).


If all went well then you should see this message:

You should now be able to create a test blog and publish it.


And on the Dynamics User Front Page you will now see this.


Uploading Pictures

If you want to automatically upload pictures you need a site that can host them for you, or you could use your own site for this. To do this go back to Manage Accounts and Change settings for your Profile:


When you publish next time, if there are pictures, then you will need to enter the FTP password for the site.

Well I think that's it. If you have any questions, please ask.



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