Le Gendarme de St. Tropez

Oh no Iwas robbed in St. Tropez Crying

For those that don't know Le Gendarme de St. Tropez is a classic French comedy, and probably the best role known of Louis de Fun├Ęs. Star

Anyway... as some of you know I have been travelling a lot lately, (even by my standards Wink ). So after sorting personal issues back in Austalia, stopping for a business meeting in Singapore, going to the MVP open days in Moscow, and then looking at  Convergence Munich and Tech Ed Barcelona, I discussed the logistics with my wife, and we worked out that we could sneak in some vacation time in between so decided to drive to Germany and Spain togehter . Ultimately planning a few days in St. Tropez and then Verona, squeeze in one more business meeting inVenice, then head back to The Czech Republic for an MVP training day in Prague.

Well after St. Tropez, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, sat outside about 30 meters from our car, and right under our eyes without noticing anything, they reobbed us and cleaned us outof everything. At least 5 people on the balcony could see our car whilst it was being robbed. The only time a car was parked next to mine was for about 90 seconds, so that's howmuch time they had. Also imagine two of us travelling three weeks, its amazing how much they got out the wndow in 90 seconds. (to aviod setting off the alarm, they didn't even open the doors).

So anyway, yes tell me I was stupid, but my computer was in the car, and of course my backup hard drives (yes TWO) are both also stolen.

For me without any doubt, my biggest loss though, is all the business contacts I made at Convergence and Tech Ed. I was very thourough, and every night I wrote details on my Logitc IO2 pen then backed it  up on my external drive, but Pen, Pad, Computer and backup are now all gone. As well as all the business cards I collected.

Sooooo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anyone that I contacted at Tech Ed or Convergence, can you please email me at community@go-live.us because I have almost certainly lost your contact details.

Right now I am "stranded" in Monaco, waiting for new passports for my wife and I, (yeah go ahead tell me not to leave my passport in my car Crying Embarrassed Crying , though I sorta already know that now), Monaco by the way is not a bad place to be stranded Cool. Luckily I had my Amex card in my pocket, so it wont be too bad here (well at least untill next month's bill comes Big Smile )

One great thing, is that at the Gendamrie I met Jan, a Dutch guy living in St Martinez with his Russian wife. Like all the Dutch people I have met, he was wonderfull, we went to his house for dinner, he let me call the credit card companies to cancel credit cards, found the consulates to get passports, even got us tooth brushes and stuff like that  he was just great. Most of allhe just gave usthe chance to sit and relax and get our wits about us. Thanks Jan!

Another thing I realized, is that although I have a backup of all incoming email, I realize that Idon't have a backup of any outgoing emails that I have send from outlook working off line Wilted Flower so if I sent you an email, please understand that I no longer have history of it, so I am not sure what I sent. Please reply back to me with a reminder.

Anyway, the sun is shining here, the French are being just  wonderfull to both me and my wife, and I am sure that tomorrow will be even brighter.


Time for a fresh start.

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