Convergence EMEA Day 3.

Well last day.

Today was (for us at the Community Loinge) the busiest day. We had a lot of people coming wanting to know about communities, and how to get the most out of them. Again a lot of people that really don't know about the forums, or about just how many of us there are out there that give free advise. It was interesting the number of questions that I heard that could be easily answered by a search here or on mbsonline.

I wanted to try to get some more concrete answers on SQL, but thinking back, I guess its hard formt hem to give a concret answer. Its pretty clear that we will see C/SIDE supported for the forseeable future, but from they way they were talking, all the reall future developement is moving towards SQL.

On eclear statement from the experts today, is that would should not be expecting any new enhanced report wrtier for the C/Side server version of Navision. If you want a better report writer, then the solution really is SQL Reporting Services.

Personally after the session today, I would start to recommend that Navision clients wanting to look at upgrading, and getting the most out of the system, really need to start now at looking to get their IT department SQL ready.

I am now doing some research to see what is needed, and I will post an updated version of my "Should I move to SQL Blog" later. For now though I woul dat least suggest that Navision IT departments that do not have SQL in house, at least start to get a feel for SQL, and looking at what it can offer you.

Of course this is not just Navision, because these days, SQL is a lot more than just a database. I was really impressed with what it can offer even to smaller Navision users.

One great piece of news, is that the development team have not forgotten the keyboard. They will be continuing to make Navision a great option for power users that need to enter data, and want to use the keyboard exclusively. And we can expect keyboard usability will not be forgotten. I was very happy to hear this.

One dissapointing thing in my opinion is that there are no short term plans to have Navision supporting Unicode. The logic made sense, and I understand the reasons, but it would have been a nice headache solver for some lingual companies.

For those using Outlook synchronozation, Navision will soon support progressive syncronyzation, so expect the process to be much faster soon.

Another question asked was "if Microsoft plan to increase teh length of standard fields in Cards" for example Item description, customer description etc. Apparantly this is quite a new request to Microsoft, but if you as a Nav end user suggest this to your Microsoft Partner, they will then submit the suggestion to Microsoft though channels, and if enough people request this change, then they will consider it for a later release.
All in all, the future is definitely positive, there were a couple of minuses, but definitely the direction Navision is heading is fabulous, and I came away with a continuing feeling that sticking with Navision continues to be a great decision.
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  • Its very clear that Microsoft are making huge investments into the qhole Dynamics product range. But even so they still must prioritize their R&D budget, and most important the allocation of resources.

    Since at the momnet, AX is a valid solution for Unicode customers, that is where they are pushing that development.

    On the Navision side, I would guess that having Unicode running on NAV SQL, but keeping NAV on C/SIDE as it is would maybe be a big job. And clearly they don't want to invest in any major changes on C/SIDE.

  • One comment on the enhancement requests every Dynamics user with access to the CustomerSource can log the request themselves (if they want to) and these requests actually go into the MBS Newsgroup where forum users can vote on the posting. For me this is a weak method as they get lost in the throng of posts, but at least I know it happens this way and I have had enhancement requests accepted without votes, so Micorsoft do look at them.

    Thanks for the update David, as always you are a star! Just sorry I could not make it.

  • Hi David,

    Thank you for your reports. Good to read - when I didn't have the time to go myself. But how about the off-hour activities? Are they as good as with the US based Convergence? I remember some great parties over there!

    I'm also very sad to hear that they have no short term solution for Unicode. I work, as you know, for a big international company, and the non-unicode issue is really challange, or should I just say a big inconviniency!