Convergence EMEA Day 2. - Update

Today we had a lot of activity on the booths form people asking about Communities. In yesterdays session Dynamics Communities, I became an impomptu speaker, and this generate a lot of interest in Dynamics Communities.

The biggest surprise was the number of people that came to the Community Lounge, and said that they really had no idea what was available on the interent, but more importantly I was shocked by the number of people that asked "What's n It For Me" in relation to posting and asking questions on this was odd. I will definitely be writing more about htis in the future.

It was interesting to here first hand reactions frmo people that knew of, and , but really did not see these forums as a realistic source for Dynamics information.

The people at Microsoft have been very responsive to these attitudes, and we will work together to try and change this.

The other big thing, was SQL.
I got a solid answer tot eh question of where we are heading with SQL vs C/SIDE. (YEs I know we have heard this before, but I wanted them to give a solid answer to quell rumours).

Basically 5.1 will continue to run on BOTH servers. And most importantly this will continue into the future (specifically we were told that version 6.0 will run on both platforms with the identical code set.) there will be no seperation of the product. BUT by running on SQL you will get access to ffeatures that are not available on C/SIDE.

But it does mean that we can continue to maintain just one code base. So you will still develop code for three tier cleints on a C/SIDE database, but the user wont be able to run those feaures unless they are on SQL.

update... (ran out of time before).

The best session of Convergence was Hynek Muhlbacher's presentation on Performance tuning in SQL, it was great to see what can be squeezed out of Navision on SQL if you do it properly. It really got me thinking if it really is getting time to start advising people to move over to SQL.

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