What do you want to know about Dynamics NAV from Convergence?

Well I am just getting ready now to head off to Convergence. Since this is an open invitation event, I am assuming that most of what we will see there is public information. Of course I will check first, but being on the ATE booths, we will get access to what's going on.

So if you are not going to be at Convergence, but would like to know something specific about the future of Dynamics NAV (or AX or CRM or GP), or would like to make a last minute suggestion, then let me know here, and I will ask. If its not confidential, then I will post the answers here in my Blog.

Keep in mind that this will probably be the last major Dynamics event before the release of 5.00, and at that time we will have a preview version of 5.10, so its not likely that much else will change. So this may be the last chance to ask a question or have a say.

So questions or suggestion, please let me know asap.

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  • Yes well actually I think thats going to be the easiest question to get an answer to.

    Unfortunatly its also the one question to which the answer may end out changing.

    Personally I just see no reason in anouncing release dates. If they release on time and the product is no good, then I will wait for a solid product anyway, so why can;t they just wait till the product is ready instead of trying to set release dates.

    Best would be if they could just set a Beta release date, and let us play with it, then release the final product when its ready.

    The current version of Navision is fine for nearly everyone. Lets get 4.00 installed and running, lets get happy clients, lets get experience with this system, and when a new version is ready lets upgrade.
  • I think main question is "WHEN?" :)