What happened to the MBSOffline Meeting?

Most of you remember quite some time ago this forum had its 10th Birthday, and we had planned to have a meeting to sort of celebrate. Well from a simple one day meeting it turned into a Multi Day Multinational Conference with "tracks" and "sessions" and "break outs" and "ask the experts". And although its not what we really wanted, it seemed to make the most sense.

Currently there are many of these Seminars happening, There is Tech Ed , Global Summit, Directions etc. But  these are all very different to what "the group" could do. Fundamentally the biggest difference is that all those meetings are aimed as some type of Partner Conference, but what we were after was something for Users, Freelancers Developers, Trainers, Consultants, Recruiters, Project Managers etc, basically people that use Dynamics products in their day to day life.

Well when www.mbsonline.org died, it really put everything back because there was a lot of work that Erik had to put into getting this new site up and running, but we have not forgotten about it. But its important that "Dynamics Users Off Line" is designed to be what the members want. Also as you all know Erik has a new and demanding job, and obviously a "Dynamics Users Off Line" meeting would not be much without Erik.

But in the short term, I would like to meet more of the members here, and discuss their ideas for the Conference and how it would best suit them. So ...

I will be traveling quite a bit in the next few months or so, and I would like to suggest that we could meet for lunch, informally, and just discuss Navision, and The Dynamics Users Group. I think we need to "just do it". So some suggested times/places to meet.

Australia: I will be in Australia for the last week of August thru the last week of September. Most of that time in Perth, but also I may visit Sydney or Melbourne.

Singapore: I am flying back through Singapore, and if there is interest there, then I can make a stop over. (I currently see SEA as the upcoming market that Central and Eastern Europe were when I first started in Navision).

Russia, I will be in Moscow in the last week of September.

Spain, Barcelona, I will be at the IT Forums Session of Tech Ed, and we could also fit something in there.

Munich, I am about 50/50 on going to the Global Summit.

Add to this that I am often in Prague, and will be in Vienna a couple of times this year.

So basically if you are interested in meeting up in any of these locations, please let me know. (I will probably post a thread for this, as a Blog is not ideal for voting and replying to).


PS an informal lunch/dinner was really what I had in mind when I first proposed the OffLine Meeting.

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  • Yes Chris that does not sound too bad, though I am not sure if  its enough time for most people to get organized.
  • What about Christmas in London?

    It gives people plenty of time to make arrangements and I am more than happy to organise the venue and the entertainment, as I am sure that those that wish to meet up would like to do so not only as a chance to exchange ideas but also on a social basis too.

    So if anybody can think of a reason to attend I would be happy to put on an event in London, with speakers and guests and good food and drink, all that it is needed is your attendance!!.

    The week beginning December 11th would be best, any thoughts please let me know.


    Chris Merchant
  • Oh, I just checked up upon my schedule! Not good. I will not be able to arrieve until Wednesday morning, as I have my kids Monday and Tuesday (Danish Fall Vacation). But let me check up today...
  • Well I can make it to Bangkok on Oct 16th. So lets target that as a date. Though its a Monday couldn't you arrive earlier so we could do it ont he weekend. I think more people can make aweekend event.
  • Great idea! Put the meeting in Sydney on Sept. 11th or 12th, then I will be able to participate also!

    Or Bangkok or Singapore in the week of Oct. 16th.