Go-Live with Navision the book

I guess most members here know that I have been for many years writing a book. I finally about a year ago got it moving along, but then about March this year, it stopped again for many reasons. After out meeting in Prague, Erik suggested that I use y blog here as a kick off point for the chapters, since one of the major isses I had was getting out complete chapters. Whereas a Blog can be just bits and pieces. So I plan now to "Blog My Book" here, and then as bits make sense put it all together. soooooo......

Well since I made the decision to publish my book as a Web site, I have gotten a lot of email  feedback of where to head, what to do, and with out doubt, the major subject that people ask about is development. From the start I wanted to stay away from development, and concentrate more on the end user implementation angle. Since I felt this as the less addressed aspect of Navision. But in reality all the aspects of Navision are unaddressed, and development is the one in most demand. So I have decided to now create a section on how to become a Navision develpoper, and this section will start here.

My plan is to start by teaching development using the tools available in the Cronus demo version, and then evolve to training based on the MSDN licence for Navision. So those that want to follow the training shoul be taking a look at MSDN to get access to a training license.

Training will start by showing you what you need to know to be able to develop customer solutions. Which means understanding the base application. One of the key parts of this training will be tips and tricks, that can help you to develop successfull implementations.

The second biggest question I get asked is "why do I do this for free" to which the answer is "I'm, just a nice guy". But ultimately my plans are to head in the direction of training, and I want the book and its topics to be the basis of the courses I plan to teach. So if you are an NSC ust starting, and feel the need to get a kick start to high end Navision development, keep me in mind.
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