Stick to the Guidelines!!

In my opinion all NAV developers should write code in a way that it's easy to read for other developers. There is only one way to do that: Stick as close as possible to the coding standards that are described in the "C/AL Programming Guide".

No Hungarian Notation, no strange indentation or other strange constructions. All these abnormalities makes it hard for others to read.

One tool of the OMA can help you with that. The "Check Guidelines Tool" finds 64 of the most made mistakes. And it even can fix a lot of them. I just ran it over a non customized Cronus database and it found 26.838 coding flaws that can be autocorrected by the OMA. Please NAV Development center in Vedbæk, get of copy of the OMA and use it for only 15 minutes to correct all these flaws. Big Smile

Let's take codeunit 6814 EP Encode XML. This one is really bad. It has 577 guidelines errors that can be corrected by the OMA. Please take a look at the picture.

Look at this demo on YouTube!

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