Setting Break Points in the Where Used Functionality

It happens too much that when I show the cool stuff of the Object Manager people begin to jump and shout 'Wow, didn't know that!'. I think the best way to share those timesaving tricks is to blog about it.

Let's start with one that I don't actually use that much but can come handy when you want to analyze a process where a field gets a wrong value. Let's say the sales line gets filled with a wrong unit cost and you want to debug that process.

First you go to the where used functionality and open the sales line table. Drill down to the code lines where the unit cost is filled and choose "Set Breakpoint" or F9. Now breakpoints are set on all places where the unit cost is filled in the system.

Start the debugger and add a sales order. You will see that the debugger will stop at every point where the unit cost is filled.

Look at a demo on YouTube!

Look at a demo on YouTube!

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