Bye Bye NAV Development Environment

I just read in the blog of Luc van Vugt that the development environment of NAV will be transferred to the RTC.

I think this is great news. The way we have to develop in NAV2013 where the testing and tooling is in the RTC and the developing is done separately in the dev-env is almost unacceptable. Try to run a table and you'll have to wait 10 seconds till it opens.

I'm very happy that Microsoft is going to put these two worlds back together again. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we can develop with the same speed in the 'new' environment as we did in NAV2009. Or even better, that the 'new' environment is just a copy of the current environment. Chances are big it will!!

For the OMA this is also great news. It will just sit and wait in the RTC and wait till everything gets back together like one big happy family.

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