Aaargh! Where is that COMMIT?

This trick has nothing to do with the OMA but I really want to share it. Did you ever had to search for a COMMIT? The command CONSISTENT can help you with that.

This command is specially build to make sure that at the end of a transaction the G/L Accounts are in balance. In codeunit "Gen. Jnl.-Post Line" you will see the following C/AL statement:

  (BalanceCheckAmount = 0) AND (BalanceCheckAmount2 = 0) AND
  (BalanceCheckAddCurrAmount = 0) AND (BalanceCheckAddCurrAmount2 = 0));

If you put a COMMIT somewhere is the posting routine after the consistency of the "General Ledger Entry" was set to false you will get the following beautiful error:

So if you have to find a COMMIT someday the only thing you have to do is first set a random table to CONSISTENT(FALSE) and the debugger will bring you to the first COMMIT.

PS: Kudos goes to rmv_RU. This topic was the first time I read about this.


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