A New Development Environment for NAV

I read on Wikipedia that Visual Studio supports code completion since 1996. Roughly the same period that Navision came with the development environment that we still have to use.

Personally I loved this environment when it had the capability of running forms. You could make your own tools that ran on the same spot as where you were developing. Being a guy that hates to do repetitive tasks I made a lot of tools. Most of these tools are included in Object Manager today.

With the version of NAV2013 forms are no longer supported and therefore the development environment cannot run the tools we all made. With the lack of running these tools the development environment is IMHO not acceptable as a development environment. After doing one RTC project I stopped with the RTC and wend back doing only 2009 projects waiting for a better development environment.

Waiting for a couple of years now and being afraid that Microsoft have other priorities I thought why not build our own Development Environment? And Navgate was born!

In the following weeks we will reveal more and more functionalities of Navgate. We already uploaded a PowerPoint to Mibuso last week. And being downloaded over 500 times already, I am starting to believe that I am not the only one that wants a better developing experience! :)

Please look at the following movie at YouTube for a sneak preview of Navgate for Object Manager.

If you want to see Navgate in live action you can get a demo at the IDYN booth at Directions or NAV TechDays.

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