Wouldn't it be great if Dynamics NAV could.....

provide functionality for end-user companies that could:

  • Keep a copy of all the changes that are made to the business logic or table structure in Dynamics NAV?
  • Provide functionality to restore previous versions of an object?
  • Document all changes that has been made?
  • Provide a report for the auditors as a part of the audit trail?
  • Answer the question: Who-did-what-when?

or for Dynamics NAV developers provide tools that:

  • Keep a copy of all the changes whenever an object is checked in or out?
  • Backup objects and keep version history of test- and live servers?
  • Let you compare two versions of the same object to show the changes made?
  • Export a previous version of an object?
  • Compare up to ten databases against one database to check the date- or time stamp the version list of the active version?
  • Create builds, consisting of objects from one database to roll-out to multiple databases, whilst storing roll-back packages of the objects from each server before the roll-out?

Well that is possible. Say hello to Version Manager.

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The release date of Version Manager will be October 15th, so be patient.


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