Using dynamic date filters in saved views in Dynamics NAV

Did you know that it is possible to save views using dynamic date filters in Dynamic NAV.

Normally you would apply a filter typing something like:

01-01-2016..31-01-2016 Which would be the Danish date format or

01/01/2016..01/31/2016 in a US date format

in Dynamics Nav you don’t have to apply the separators (-   space  / or decimal point) but can write

0101..3101 in Danish or

0101..0131 in US format


You can even use codes in the date filter:

This meaning from accounting period 1 to accounting period 3 in this case January 1st to March 31st 2017. However, it depends on when the fiscal new year has been set up in the accounting periods.

The on-line help is quite thorough about explaining how to enter dates in Dynamics NAV.

Just go to the on-line help and search for How to Enter Dates and times.


Now, what if I want the views to be shown automatically with a fixed range calculated with the off-set of todays date like some kind of dynamics date filters?

It possible too.

Imagine that a user wants to see all orders planned to be shipped this week:

Go to the order list and make the following filter:

This will be calculated into monday to friday in the week of the workdate in this case 23-01-2017..27-01-2017.

The trick is now to save the view to the Role Center:


Give the saved view a good name:


And now the filtered view will be shown in the Home Activity Group of the Role Center or wherever you chose to save it to.


Next week the view will be different because the working date is different.

All the date formula codes like d for day, m for month, q for quarter and y for year, can be used along with others in dynamic filters, just remember to use the working date as a baseline:


This means I want to see all orders to be shipped:

w = working date

-cw = go to start of week

-1w = go back another week

.. =  to

w = working date

+cw = go to end of week

Also meaning  all orders to be shipped from the beginning of last week up to end of this week, all based on the working date.

These types filters can be used in all filtered views, automatically printed reports, queries and generic charts.

Also remember that, if these filtered views are saved in Configuration Mode they will apply to all users assigned to this Role Center.


Many of my customers use filtered views instead of having an expensive report developed showing information that everyone knows are obsolute five minutes after they are printed.


Read more about this in my book.