The missing "Production Order - Final Costing" report in Dynamics NAV

Updated July 27 2017!

Every time I implement the Dynamics NAV manufacturing module with a new customer, I am puzzled by the lack of progress reports for production orders.

When an item is created for manufacturing, there are plenty of reports. When a production order is created based on the item, there also reports available, a few of them are listed here:


The reporting for the item:


The most interesting is probably the "Detailled Calculation":

Be Advised that the Unit Cost is NOT the calculated cost, but the Cost from the Item Card .


Secondly there are a number of statistics pages that can help, especially the "Cost Shares" page:


Making a production order, many of the same reports are available for calculating the production order:

  • Order Detailed Calculation
  • Order – Precalc. Time
  • Order – Comp. and Routing
  • Order – Job Card
  • Order – Picking List
  • Order – Material Requisition
  • Order – Order List
  • Order – Shortage List
  • Order – Statistics


However, only the "Production Order Statistics" shows the progress or final calculation of a production:


This will show the expected consumption and the actual consumption on a high level. I can get the same information from the Production Order Statistics page:


but what if I want to see the expected and actual consumption for the production order for each component and capacity?


This is not possible.


Therefore, I have developed a report for that purpose and I am going to share it with you guys:


The "Production Order - Final Costing" report looks like this:

The red lines are components and capacities that were consumed despite not being on the BOM and Routing.

The report is based on Dynamics NAV 2013 W1 and is provided with no warranties of any kind, and you are using it entirely at your own responsibility.
You are free to use and modify the object as you like and with no limitations. 


It can be downloaded from here: Http://


Have fun 


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