The book about the Modern client is finally here - Almost

Now the book is finally sent to the printers and will be ready in a week.

The e-book however, is already here.

It ended up being 166 pages about the new book, and it will be followed-up with a labs-collection for the Modern Client.

The Table of contents ended up to be:

  • Introduction to the Modern client and RoleCenters
  • The Lifecycle of a Role Center
  • The Role Center
  • Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Filters and filtered views
  • Adjusting the views
  • Integration to Office 365
  • Developing New Role Centers
  • Changing the client without development
  • Customizing Profiles
  • Personalizing Pages
  • Managing Notifications
  • Generic Charts vs. Business Charts
  • The Business Central Clients

Check-out the DynamicsBookStore to get your own copy or some of the other books and free products.