Still wondering, what's the hype over extensions for Business Central?

Then join me at the two-day course at SuperUsers in Hillerød.

This training leads individuals through a simulated implementation project, where the goal is to customize Dynamics NAV 2018/Business Central to a meet customer’s requirement.

At the course we will create a full solution for Dynamics NAV 2018/Business Central creating new objects and extending existing objects.

The solution will be created purely as an extension in Visual Studio Code, without changing a single object in the standard application of Dynamics NAV 2018/Business Central.


  • You must know the Dynamics NAV Integrated Development Environment
  • You must master programming in the C/AL language
  • You must understand the concept of programming with events
  • You must understand the concept of extensions

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  • Introduction to the Modern Business Central client
  • 200 Question (The most important things to think about when considering Business Central)

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