Speed up your Dynamics NAV with the Test Tool

Have you ever felt that Dynamics NAV is sooo slow especially after having restarted the Server Tier?

Every time you are going to Demo Dynamics NAV to a customer or a group of potential new users, you always have to make excuses that Dynamics NAV is always slow just after having been restarted.

Well there is a remedy for that.

The standard test tool actually has a Warm-Up functionality.

To find it, just write test tool in upper right corner, then this page appears:


Click the Get Test CodeUnits action and select the 130411 Sys. Warmup Scenarios

Select the codeunit and click the Run action. 


Do this before any demonstration of Dynamics NAV and then it is you who is the slow one [:)]


Be advised that the Test Tool only seems to work with a Developers License.