Save money replacing reports with cues or filtered lists in Dynamics NAV


Developing custom reports in Dynamics NAV is a costly affair. Therefore, I recommend all my customers to think about, which reports could be replaced with either Cues on the Activity page of the RoleCenter or as a filtered view.

One of the frequent examples are the “Slow Moving Items” report.

Here is a quick example of making this report as a filtered view. First, I go to the Item list page:

Then I add a couple of filters:


The filters are:

· The date filter is set to be within the latest 12 months of the work date.

· No items sold

· No items purchased

· Some items on inventory

Now save it as a filtered view:


When this is performed in configuration mode, this list will be available for all the users that have been assigned to this profile.


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Until then, there are always the old ones: