New Events in Dynamics 365 Tenerife

As I mentioned in my last blog post about the Developers Preview of November, a number of new events showed up in codeunit 80.

Therefore, when I got the new CTP version of “Tenerife”, I sat down and made a function to make statistics on the new events.

The result is an Excel sheet with a list of all business- and integration events in the versions NAV2016, NAV2017 and NAV2018 (“Tenerife”) and some statistics.

The ExcelSheet is available for download here:

The statistics comes here:

So, there is a large expansion in the number of events, as I predicted.

Besides the events listed here, there are events on:

  • Tables
    • On before/after triggers
    • On before/after field triggers
  • Pages
    • On before/after triggers
    • On before/after control triggers
    • On before/after action triggers

Download the Excel sheet to get the full list og business- and integration events.